MAG Energy Network Design (CCDE) Scenario # 1

Within our industry, we are not taught early enough how to properly design.

In my Free MAG Energy Network Design Scenario, your Design Mindset and thought process will evolve. You will see how to properly make design decisions for business outcomes which will make you a better Network Designer.

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    Designing for Applications

    Most businesses and organizations today leverage applications. Within this Network Design Scenario, you will see a number of production and corporate applications, and you will make design decisions for them.

    Business Outcomes

    Every decision must be brought back to the business, mapping to their priorities and outcomes. This Network Design Scenario shows how to properly accomplish this with real world examples so you get a first hand feel for it.

    Design Use Cases

    This Network Design Scenario leverages the merge / divest, design failure, scaling a solution, and add / replace a technology Design Use Cases. You will want to ask yourself, "Which design use case is the scenario having me solve for?"