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Scalable Campus Networks

How to Design Scalable Campus Networks For CCNP ENSLD.

In this free Network Design Webinar, you will have 2 CCDE certified Experts teaching you how to Design Scalable Campus Networks!

Live Webinar

February 25, 2021
10:00am UTC

Webinar Agenda

  • Design Campus Networks for High Availability
    • First Hop Redundancy Protocols (HSRP, VRRP, GLBP)
    • Graceful restart
    • BFD

  • Design Campus Layer 2 Infrastructures
    • STP Scalability
    • Fast Convergence
    • Loop-free technologies
    • PoE and WoL

  • Campus Design Use Case Discussions

Mohamed Radwan

Mohamed is a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Layer2 Network Services and is the Founder of Agile Integrated Solutions. He is an Architect, Mentor, and Evolving Technologies Evangelist. Mohamed has over 20 years of professional experience and is an award-winning network architect. He currently holds the CCDE and CCIE Certifications.

Zig Zsiga

Zig has been in the networking industry for over 20 years. He is currently a Customer Delivery Architect at Cisco Systems within CX. Zig holds an active CCDE, and two CCIE certifications. Zig is a father, husband, a United States Marine, a gamer, a nerd, a geek, and a big soccer fan. Zig loves all technology! Zig is a published author, a Distinguished Speaker at Cisco Live and he recently received the Cisco Sales Champion awared.

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Mohamed and Zig

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